Program Preparation

In preparation for attending one of our Pace programs, each participant and his/her parent(s) should review the following information:

- Please arrive at least 75 minutes prior to the first program session for registration and to attend a brief opening meeting.  Players do not need to be dressed in their equipment for the opening meeting.  

- We strongly advise each participant to get on the ice a few times leading up to  the first session.  Also, check all of your equipment before coming to the rink.

- Eat a full, healthy meal no less than 3 hours prior to every session.  Players need time to digest their food.  If you get hungry, eat a light snack on the way to the rink.  A banana is a great option.  Granola bars, dry cereal and whole wheat bread with peanut butter are some other great choices. Stay away from junk food!  

- Make sure to adequately stretch out and loosen up prior to every on-ice session.  Allow yourself extra time to get ready,

if need be.  

- Players will be responsible for supplying their own water bottles.  

- We encourage you to bring a water bottle with your name written on it. 

- Please write your name on a piece of tape and put it on the front of your helmet so we can identify

you on the ice.  

Be prepared to listen, learn and give your very best.  In order to skate faster and work outside

your comfort zone, you must be willing to embrace the structure and intensity of the Pace environment.